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One of the things I truly enjoy is being a part of a couple's special day. Whether it's on the beach, in your home, at a resort or even in my own backyard. I've presided over elaborate weddings at the Ritz Carlton Naples to a quaint ceremony in my backyard among the flowers. It's really about the love you have for each other that means the most.

Getting Married in the City of Naples

The City of Naples is a beautiful place to have a wedding, with miles of picturesque beaches, two beach front hotels and several beach front parks that lend themselves to a marriage proposal or wedding ceremony.

General Requirements

You will need a marriage license, available through the Collier County Clerk's office which is good for 60 days, plus someone to officiate the ceremony. Full requirements can be found online at the Collier County Clerk's web site.

Once you have all the paperwork and someone to perform the legal ceremony, all you need is a place to get it done. And the City of Naples has several popular locations available.

Locations and Specific Requirements

The City of Naples has a number of locations for wedding ceremonies, both on and off the beach, some of which may have additional requirements or fees involved. The most popular locations seem to be:

Eighth Avenue South
The beach end at Eighth Avenue South, often called the Wedding Beach or Wedding Park, has always been a popular location for a wedding. Reconstruction of the park several years ago took this into account, and the park was designed with space for seating, lush, picturesque landscaping and the appropriate backdrop of sand, sky and setting sun (at least if the sun is setting at the time of your wedding).

What this location does not have is parking. Parking is available at adjoining beach ends but cannot be reserved, so many wedding parties will shuttle guests in from other locations, such as the City Pier lot at 12th Ave S, Third Street Parking areas or the city's parking garages on 8th St S.

Other popular wedding locations include Vedado Way, Horizon Way, and several other locations.

The Beach Proper
Nothing stops you from walking onto the beach and having a simple small quick ceremony for under six people, no reservations or fees involved. You must find proper parking of course, and use a legal beach access point (there are many in Naples) to get to the beach, but no other requirements are involved. For ceremonies of six or more you must follow the reservation process as described below.

You cannot block beach access, reserve any beach area or obstruct the lawful use of the beach by anyone else. You cannot have live music or amplified sound and cannot set out chairs, standards or other fixtures which might obstruct the use of the beach. Great for an impromptu, informal wedding with just a few friends or relatives, unacceptable for a major function.

Reservation Process
Use of a beach end or beach proper for more than 6 people requires a reservation and fee. Please contact the staff at Fleischmann Park for more information, a list of locations and to reserve the space. You may not have music or amplified sound without an approved permit. You cannot block beach access, reserve any beach area or obstruct the lawful use of the beach by anyone else.

Download the Wedding Reservation Form below, fill it out and fax, email or drop it off to us at Fleischmann Park.

Wedding Reservation Form

Lowdermilk Park
Lowdermilk Park is the city's full-service beach front park, with concession stand, covered picnic areas, two gazebos and the Gulf of Mexico just a few steps away.

Lowdermilk Park has public parking available, both for visitors and those with parking stickers. Lowdermilk Park, as with any other location in the city, does not allow amplified sound or live music without a permit. To reserve either of the two gazebos at Lowdermilk Park, contact the concessionaire at 239-417-0777. For information on permits, fees and reservations for locations other than the two gazebos, contact the staff at Fleischmann Park.

Commercial Venues
There are many commercial venues for weddings in the City of Naples, but only two beach front hotels or restaurants that can handle a wedding event. You will find that either one is a fantastic place to begin married life, and both work with wedding planners and have event planners to assist you with your wedding. You should contact them directly for more information:

Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club
851 Gulf Shore Boulevard North
Naples, FL 34102

Edgewater Beach Hotel
1901 Gulf Shore Boulevard North
Naples, Florida 34102

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